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Of stress and sinuses…

Of stress and sinuses…
December 20, 2010
For the soul

We are People who need to love, because Love is the soul’s life, Love is simply creation’s greatest joy. Hafiz Five days until Christmas!  I am getting there: my menus are almost completed, my shopping list is next, cards will be ready tomorrow, (a bit late but they will make it out this year), and I will wrap tonight and tomorrow.  I will share menus and decorations we have so far but first, I wanted to share a discovery I suspected for a while but did not research until now.  The virus was accompanied with great head congestion which caused a lot of problems with the sinuses, I have not been able to exercise, not even yoga again as it aggravated the pain.  I kept feeling I was missing a piece of the puzzle but doctors could not find anything.  This weekend, I found out that the day I forgot …Read more

Flax seed

December 14, 2010

Healing is, by definition, taking a process of disintegration of life and transforming into a process of return to life. Caroline Myss I thought I would post a very small summary of my readings on flax seed.  It is an amazing little seed which packs a lot of nutrition.  If I am not having a green monster for breakfast, I grind some and sprinkle over salads, in my oatmeal, soup, etc. Flax is a plant of the bast fiber group used since prehistoric times for making linen yarn and fabric, cultivated also for its seed.  The seed has proven to have beneficial health properties for centuries.  Charlemagne believed so strongly in it health properties that he passed a rule making it mandatory for his subject to consume it. Flax seed is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which have shown to have a beneficial effect on heart and brain functions; contains …Read more

Compassionate care

December 12, 2010
For the soul

If everyone cared and nobody cried, If everyone loved and nobody lied, If everyone shared and swallowed their pride, Would we see the day when nobody died Nickelback I had to take a little hiatus from writing but I am back with more fun from school, home and especially the Holidays!  We flew to the West coast to spend Thanksgiving with family and returned with a bad virus which unfortunately kept me down for a week.  My state of adrenal fatigue makes me more susceptible to colds when traveling but I did not expect to get this sick.  I will keep on the self-care track to rebuild my strength.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah! We also had a rather sobering and emotional experience, it was scary and an eye opener.  My friend suffered a terrible migraine, needed to get to the hospital for care but …Read more


October 22, 2010
For the soul

In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple.  It is there we can see into ourselves. Rolf Edberg This is always a time for introspection for me.  Twenty one years ago my father passed away after a fifteen year battle with kidney cancer.  A time to remember the person he was, the times we had and of course of sadness at the though of times we missed… What kind of person would he be today had he lived? It is hard not to also think of other relatives and friends who passed away from cancer and there have been too many.  There are more and better treatments than ever, but also more cancers and patients…  In Anticancer, Dr. Servan-Schreiber speaks of our bodies as the “terrain”.  The soil which can be a fertile ground for cancer or not.  His research and own journey with cancer brings you …Read more