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Back to school!

September 2, 2010
At school

The experiences you draw to you through the opening in the doorway of your soul… stay open… only as long as you do… Marlise Karlin In our case, a new school year means stepping up the pace a bit and increasing the time spent on schoolwork given we keep minimal school going throughout the summer, usually special projects and fun activities.  For my daughter though, from May to October is her best time of year to learn, she advances faster and remains more focused so I try to take advantage of that.  But a new school year always means: time to reorganize! Last year, when we finally moved back home and got our belongings out of storage, we created our homeschool so to speak.  We have two bookcases with all the schoolbooks by subject, with the exception that High School books were put on higher shelves.  I purchased a number …Read more