Everyone wants to transform, but nobody wants to change.
Frederica Mathewes-Green

Let’s embrace change this year!  Why organize our homes and ourselves?  It is a part of our personal world and reflects both how we feel and impacts how we feel.   If one of your resolutions is to be healthy, happy, and less stressed then getting your personal world in order is part of that journey.
Life constantly changing with children growing, job changes, and our home needs constant care to change and evolve with us.  You can follow a ready made plan that suits your style and needs such as the one on A Bowl Full of Lemons or Home Storage Solutions.  Maybe you like the FlyLady who has great reminders for daily tasks.  Chose one that speaks to you, matches your style, needs, and desired outcome.  Do not hesitate to make it your own, the more you personalize and follow your intuition, the more likely you are to be successful.
First a few simple rules…  It is important to leave perfectionism out of this project.  You are not trying to be perfect, just the best you can be.  You are also not trying to impress anyone else, do this for you, your family not the neighbors, or your mother, etc.  Tailor your action plan to your energy and available time.  The goal is to organize your home without it causing either a huge backlog in other areas or getting the flu from exhausting yourself.  It will take the time it takes and will be well worth it.  And start by loving what you have right now.
Now you need to set a specific goal: what do you want your home to look like?  Do you thrive in an environment that is at home in an architectural magazine?  Are you a minimalist and would like 2013 to be the year you purge drastically?  Somewhere in the middle?  What are the areas that are working for you?  What are the ones that don’t?  Why? Do not think of cost, time, and logistics right now.  Take time to ponder these questions and write everything down.  Include the kids and spouse if you can.  Bringing them in on your planning and expectations helps to limit potential blocks in the road, “sabotaging” of your efforts, and make it a family project.
With our dream home in mind, it is time to make our lists.  I start by breaking the task down into areas, but if you are a FlyBaby use your zones.  I am visual so I create storyboards and, more recently, Pinterest.  Go through each room or area and make a very thorough list of all that needs to be done, that you would like to change, as well as what works and what doesn’t.  You can keep track in a notebook or on your PC, just make sure your lists are complete, clear, and in a format you will use.  If the whole house is a bit overwhelming right now, pick the room that needs help the most: maybe your office to make your work easier, your kitchen so you can cook healthier meals at home…  Remember this is your home, your project; follow your heart and instincts.
My basic plan is to tackle one area at a time, spending a month or more if needed organizing or just tweaking the system.  The flu has invited itself to stay for a while, and progress has slowed down, but I will shift to organizing our books soon.
Start dreaming and planning.
Be healthy!



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