Chocolate mess…

February 22, 2011

This morning, DS returned to college.  We had him home for 3 days, and we had a very nice time.  The bonus is that my laundry room only has towels and pillows left to wash!  He comes home for laundry and the deal is that I will do all the wash if he rounds up the hampers and sorts.  All I have to do is be home enough to go through 5-6 loads in the weekend.  I love having it all done and put away in just a couple of days.  One less thing to think about.

The experiment of the weekend was the Triple Chocolate Mess!  We had made the lava type chocolate cake in the slow cooker once years ago and DS loved it.  We had to improve a bit, I did not have a chocolate cake mix on hand and used a gluten-free brownie mix instead.  The cake ended up being souffle like but not saucy in the center.  I find the cake very sweet and it is meant as an ice cream topping.  DS is happy and packed the cake and some brownies to last him until his next trip home.

What do you do when you are out of almond butter, it is breakfast time and snow if falling?  I do not know why I did not try this sooner but I will probably make my own most of the time now.  I found this recipe for 4-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Butter on the Oh She Glows blog.  Easy, delicious and the dark chocolate made my day wonderful!  Take time to browse this site if you like vegan cooking, it is a fun read and the recipes are delicious.

I am off to Ancient India… Namaste


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