Household manual

February 12, 2011

Today I finished my household manual.  When we bought our house in Idaho, the homeowner (now a dear friend) handed me a binder containing all one would need to know to care for the house.  Each room had paint chips, wallpaper samples, tile samples, etc. , manuals for appliances, fans, etc., layouts for kitchen and bathroom.  It was invaluable and I maintained it while we owned the house, passing it on when it came time to sell it.  In the past I put all manuals in a file cabinet, forgot about paint colors, etc.  Returning to Maine, remodeling the house, I started my own binder.  I have it currently split in two parts: manuals and decorating as the latter is still a work in progress.  Thanks to G, even the contractors found manuals easily and only a few were lost int he chaos.  DD and I created a quick scrapbook layout for the cover and spine.  I used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe software to create cover sheets for each room.  It is not because it is practical that it cannot be beautiful too.

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