Off to college

August 27, 2010

Whenever we release our need to be right about everything as parents, we are able to meet our children in a relationship of mutuality and respect.
Arjuna Ardagh

Today’s the day and he is off on his new adventure. It all felt so right, there was no room for tears though I imagined they will come as we try to find a new routine and start organizing the new school year. He was smiling and nervous when we said goodbye but I felt he had found his space. He is going to enjoy the very limited responsibilities and concentrate on his studies and more importantly his life, himself, discovering and exploring.
He called and sounded great. It is a small group of kids all sharing a common interest and he seems anxious to start classes on Monday. I hope they will be challenging enough or that in the other case he will concentrate on his novel.
My daughter is having a tough time and feels disoriented… A quiet evening for all is the best prescription.
Meditations are getting longer on this day 16. I did it in the morning and I felt a different calmness throughout the day. Today we tried pranaya exercises and I am anxious to explore breath work more.  Since yesterday, I have added yoga to my regiment of self-care.  I use to practice hatha yoga daily, following Inhale with Steve Ross on Oxygen.  It is a wonderfully challenging routine which took me several month to actually complete in its entirety even if not perfectly.  I then developed migraines the following morning and had to gradually stop the practice.  It appears the headaches were in fact sinus headaches triggered by the exercise.  I had never heard of it, I was relieved that was all it was and I am now able to restart my practice.

ENjoy your day!


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